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CSC «Shveya is one of the largest enterprises on the production of clothes in Ukraine.

Since creation an enterprise attained a certain level, which is based on the high productivity of labour, quality, professional level of the staff application of new equipment and front-rank technology.

In 2007 the technical rearmament of sewing workshops was made by the equipment of leading firms of producers ofsewing equipment "Juki" Japan, «SunStar» Korea, "Oshima" China.

It began to work on CM-based raw materials since 1989 for firms from Canada and Italy. Presently a factory successfully co-operates with the largest firms of Poland, Austria and Germany. The productivity of the enterprise is 30-50 thousand units of garments per month, it depends on the complication. 80% of the garments a exported, 20% are for domestic market.

The line of products is various: men's shirts with long and short sleeve, lady's blouses with long and short sleeves, shirts for children and nursery shirts, lady's suits, lady's sets dresses, dressing gowns, lady's trousers, skirts, night gowns, bed linen from different fabrics, both natural and synthetic.

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